Assimilate the new culture

He assimilated the information through long hours of study. How do you use assimilation in a sentence?

Assimilate the new culture

What prepositions are used with assimilate?: Usage Guide Verb When assimilate is followed by a preposition, transitive senses 2a and 2b commonly take to and into and less frequently with; sense 2c regularly takes to; sense 3 most often takes to and sometimes with.

The most frequent prepositions used with the intransitive sense are to and into.

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There are a handful of words in English that are examples of themselves, representatives of the very things that they describe. One such word is sesquipedalian "having many syllables" or "characterized by the use of long words".

Another example, in a slightly less obvious fashion, is assimilate. When used as a technical word to describe a certain process of language change, assimilate refers to the habit that some sounds have of becoming more like the sounds that are close to them in a word see assimilationsense 3.

For instance, the original spelling of immovable in English was inmovable, and over time the n began to sound more like its neighboring m, to the point that it actually became that letter.

Something similar occurred before assimilate was a word in English. Assimilate comes from the Latin prefix ad- meaning "to, towards" and similis "similar".

Over time the d of the prefix ad- assimilated itself with the s of similis.

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There was a lot of information to assimilate at school. Schools were used to assimilate the children of immigrants. They found it hard to assimilate to American society.

Many of these religious traditions have been assimilated into the culture. See More Recent Examples on the Web: Verb If the Philharmonic can assimilate Mr.

Assimilate the new culture

Rotterdam, Volendam and Veendam. Enjoy the fun being produced by the Cincinnati Reds lineup," 3 July They're discovered, and have trouble assimilating into society.

Recommitting to our founding values crucial to future," 6 July Many were concerned that the refugees would take jobs from Americans and fail to assimilate, and the move was unpopular in some circles. The World Cup is our chance to get things right.

Noun These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'assimilate.Do We Really Want Immigrants to Assimilate?

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wrote this book under the auspices of the Manhattan Institute and The New Republic attests to the persistence of the assimilation idea even among. Assimilate the New Culture. Topics: Cultural assimilation, Family, Assimilation Pages: 2 ( words) Published: October 24, The Smolinski family in Bread Givers was a typical immigrant family who faced struggles during the assimilation process.

By looking at Sara and her father¡¯s perspectives that there is a gap of cultural. Aug 01,  · What Does It Take to ‘Assimilate’ in America? some familiarity with the country’s history and culture. For others, it runs deeper and involves relinquishing all ties, even linguistic. Real Cultural Assimilation Takes Patience, Time and Willingness to Adapt But it’s also true that making some generalizations about a new culture can help us avoid some costly missteps early on.

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For example, if we know that in a particular country, employees typically defer to their leaders as experts, we may not expect a brainstorming. Richwine goes on to propose a “thought experiment.” “Imagine if early immigrants in the 20th century — the Italians, the Pols, the Jews, the Irish.

Assimilate definition: When people such as immigrants assimilate into a community or when that community | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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