Nine school of project management research

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Nine school of project management research

Init was renamed Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Engineering, which was a key academic institution specializing in chemical fiber research and education affiliated to the Ministry of Textiles. BIFT is the first specialist institute for fashion design and engineering in China.

BIFT now has nine academic schools for full time undergraduate education: BIFT has a number of national characteristic specialty construction bases, national innovative teaching demonstration centers, national experimental zones for innovation of talent training model, and key disciplinary programs sponsored by Beijing municipal government.

The museum has a collection of over 10, pieces of ethnic costumes, accessories, textiles, batiks and embroideries, for the purpose of exhibition, research and teaching. BIFT has built a first-class teaching team composed of high profile full-time and part-time faculties. Several others have engaged in municipal elite projects, cultivation plan of Great Wall Scholarship winners or awarded elite scholars of new century by Ministry of Education and the award for top 10 Chinese designers.

This initiative demonstrates an exemplary and pioneering entrepreneurship in fashion and design industry.

Nine school of project management research

BIFT sets up its unique fashion education system through combining art and engineering with business administration, integrating ethnic fashion culture with contemporary design philosophy, and applying theory to practice. BIFT has carried out other design innovation projects such as designing expedition watch for Chinese polar explorers.

In particular, BIFT designed Chinese-style outfits for participants of the APEC Summit, which won high praise from the leaders of the central government and the Party, as well as from all walks of life.

Nine school of project management research

BIFT is dedicated to the teaching and research on contemporary lifestyle design as well as the preservation, inheritance and innovation of ethnic costume culture. Since the start of the 12th Five-Year Plan, BIFT has carried out nearly national or municipal research projects, 28 of which have won the national or municipal awards, including winning the National Science and Technology Awards for three years in a row.

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BIFT students have always been outstanding in all domestic and international fashion design competitions. In addition, BIFT is a national leader in catwalk performance education.

Students have achieved outstanding accomplishments in both national and international model competitions over the years. BIFT is a university based in capital city with a national coverage and a global outlook, always standing at the forefront of fashion education.

The unique strength and characteristics of BIFT has strongly demonstrated traditional Chinese culture and promoted its revival, inheritance and communication.

school and i nformal learning environments, as well as the study of science and engineering innovations that emerge from other directorates. ED’s research, development, and evaluation. Bredillet, C. (). Exploring research in project management: nine schools of project management research (part 5) Project Management Journal, 39(2), 2–4. There are countless project management methodologies available for different needs or preferences. For adaptable teams working on projects that need to produce fast results, Kanban is a popular.

BIFT has made a distinctive contribution to the advancement of Chinese textile, design, fashion, culture and creative industries through talent cultivation and promoting industrial development. BIFT has now become a nationally regarded and internationally renowned higher education institution specializing in fashion with Chinese characteristics.

Since then, BIFT has made a distinctive contribution to the advancement of Chinese textile and apparel industry through talent cultivation. With its characteristics, outstanding academic advantages and comprehensive strength, BIFT has gradually established its important position in the field of higher education of fashion design and engineering in China.

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In particular, it provides human resource and technological support for China to be built into a strong textile and apparel industry. Since its establishment over 50 years ago, BIFT has witnessed over 30, graduates playing significant roles in the society; most of them have become leaders of the textile and apparel industry.

In the meanwhile, BIFT will endeavor to take a leading position in all areas of fashion industry, and to build a nationally-regarded and world-renowned education institution of fashion design and engineering with Chinese characteristics.

BIFT will always be committed to the inheritance of traditional costume culture of Chinese nation and contribute to placing our national textile and apparel industry in a pioneering position in the world.

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Tel: · The idea for this high school model began in in New York City when then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a public-private partnership of the New York City Department of Education, P-TECH Evaluation.

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